Thursday, February 26, 2009

Viewing Properties for Sale

I recently conducted a survey among friends, relatives and clients. There are many...many misconceptions about the home buying process. Here is one of the Q & A, which I elaborated on:

As a buyer, when I see a listed property I like, it's best to:

a) Call the listing agent/company who has the property I'm interested in 11%
Note: If the realtor currently represents the seller, and you don't have a buyer-agent agreement with that well are you being represented in the event you decide to buy the home? Were you even offered a buyer-agent agreement? Who's interest does the agent hold? Yours? the sellers? Is she/he just seeing dollar signs?

b) Call my realtor to ensure my interest are represented 74%
Note: This is the best answer possible and the majority knew this. Most people start their search online (which is great!). However, they usually end up with whatever realtor they get on the phone when calling/emailing to inquire or schedule a showing. What most buyers don't realize is that they have a choice of many realtors who provide different levels of professionalism and service. Before you start searching online on your own, you should interview realtors and choose the one that suits you and your needs. By doing this, you'll have a realtor to call in the event you find something (online or driving by) you'd like
to view. Realtors can help you with anything on the market regardless of what company it's listed with. And with a buyer-agent agreement, you will have mutual promises in writing to ensure your interests are represented. The GoGetters conduct interviews via phone, online chats, webcam and in person....whatever fits your lifestyle. Email us: or Call 337.291.4754 for a buyer counseling session.

c) Call the list agent/company to get info and look at the property, then call my agent to assist me in buying it 16%
Note: I cannot stress enough on how big of a "no-no" this is. By doing this, you are unintentionally leading another agent into thinking that you are their client. By doing this, it causes unneccessary problems that are easily avoidable by communicating only to your realtor for information and showings.

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