Sunday, February 8, 2009

Slow down.....

What a gorgeous weekend Lafayette LA displayed! Perfectly clear blue skies, sunny and about 70 degrees with a breeze. Why the weather report? It has a lot to do with how I structured my weekend.

Normally, I work seven days a week. Even in my free time, I'm working. Filing paperwork, analysis, statistics...all which I consider fun. I can't sit still. I'm constantly in motion. And I'm not alone. We live in a very fast paced society. Everything was due yesterday and we are programmed to constantly do things quickly, with little to no tolerance for delay.

With today's technology, we are constantly connected. We are available to everyone all the time. But how connected are we to the things around us? Are we so immersed with our cell phone and the internet that we don't notice others around us? How often do we sit in silence? How often, when running from place to place, do we really notice the view?

I make it a point to be in the moment, no matter where I am. When I'm with clients, I don't answer the phone because I believe it's rude. Same when I'm having lunch or dinner with someone. When I'm attending a continuing education class...I don't text or email. I save that for the breaks, along with returning calls. I don't bring my phone down at all in church. You get the point. I'm pretty good about balancing "being connected" with "being in the moment".

But where I find I lack is enjoying the simple things. Paperwork and statistics will be there tomorrow. How often to I sit still and do nothing? The day was so gorgeous Saturday that I gave away my afternoon phone duty to venture out and do something different. I was going donate blood for a friend in need and couldn't go to the park if I showed up for phone duty (which is floor time at the office to answer incoming calls, for those of you not in real estate). So I packed up the car with a blanket, soccer ball, husband(who had to cancel his workout) and son and headed to the park. I thought about bringing a book because I knew I'd be bored otherwise but decided against it. The whole point was to do nothing. And not feel guilty for it. We did make a pit stop for sandwiches from Quiznos. (if you haven't realized, I'm not all that domestic and was not prepared for a real picnic)

The park was packed with people but not in an annoying way. There was plenty of space for everyone. We sat and ate our sandwiches. Then we sprawled out on the blanket. Sometimes talking, sometimes not. We stared at the sky. We watched other people. We even did yoga. Khaison, our son, didn't want to play on the playground. He was content kicking around a soccer ball.

The theme continued to the night. We didn't watch tv or play the Wii. We played Monopoly for three hours. Khaison seriously beat his two realtor parents....go figure.

For those of you that are thinking, "What is this chic writing about? My weekends are always like that." Good for you! You get it! You are already enjoying the little things in life. For those of you who can relate to should definitely try just doing nothing. I felt the grass beneath my feet yesterday. How often do you feel the grass beneath your feet? How often do you take in the scenery? How often do you play a board game?

I now feel rejuvenated. Remember that life is good but if you don't slow down and enjoy it, it'll pass you by.

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