Monday, February 2, 2009

Perception of a realtor

What do people think of when they picture a real estate agent? Most likely they will see a very busy individual that is constantly running around on the phone , emailing, texting and driving all at the same time. Most people probably see someone who is constantly in a hurry to make that next commission. People most likely will feel that there agent is overpaid. Why pay this person when I can do it myself for free?
Problem is…there is some truth to the perception, depending on what type realtor that person has dealt with. Bottom line is, the public has no clue what realtors do nor do they need to know exactly all what we do. What they do need to know is that we know what we’re doing when we are providing services to them.

How do the Real Estate GoGetters overcome the negative perception the public has of realtors?

Everywhere we go, people want to talk to us about real estate. We take that opportunity to listen and learn from it. People are quick to tell us negative experiences. We rarely hear of the positive ones. We try to take those negative perceptions and use them as a tool to perfect our services.
Effectively communicating is key. Most complaints are due to poor communication between realtor and client.
First off, before engaging in a realtor/client relationship…we conduct a counseling session, tailored for a buyer or seller, whatever the case may be. In this session, the process of buying or selling is broken down and explained to them. Our roles as well as theirs are identified. We feel that by doing this, the client knows what to expect.
Our services are systematic and consistent. Through continuing education, such as CRS courses…we have been able to put a system in place that allows us to cater to our growing clientele. Clients see that we are steadily busy but not frazzled nor overwhelmed.
Our means of communication is flexible and tailored to the comfort level and preference of each individual client. Our clients have the option of phone calls, internet chatting, text messaging, emails and webcam chats. Our clients also have our full attention when interacting with us. We do not answer our phone when we are with clients. We live in the here and now. It’s not necessary to constantly be “plugged” in order to be successful. We return calls and emails the same day. Clients respect that about us. They are okay with waiting on a return call because they are confident that it will be returned and with full attention.
Throughout any process, listing or selling, the client is constantly informed of what’s going on through weekly updates and copies of emails regarding the transaction.

As far as perception on honesty, integrity and ethics…there should be no problem. I’m appalled that this is not obvious. If you, as a client question your realtor’s honesty, integrity and ethics—run fast!
GoGetters on Honesty: Don’t ask if you don’t want an honest answer. It’s like diarrhea of the mouth for us…it’s coming right out! We don’t use “sales” tactics. We’re not in sales. We are service providers. We are here to assist you in accomplishing your real estate needs/goals.
GoGetters on Integrity: Our clients’ needs are put first. Seriously. We love what we do. We get paid for it. But our clients are not a paycheck to us. We only work with clients that are committed to us. We work with clients with different needs in all price ranges.
GoGetters on Ethics: We work with buyers and sellers by contract only. We pay close attention to our fiduciary duties. We do not steal other realtor’s clients. If we learn that you were working with a realtor prior to us, we are willing to work with you only if there services were unsatisfactory to you. We also give the realtor a courtesy call and possibly more depending on the situation. We don’t compete…we create! Maintaining professionalism is very important to us.

In a nutshell, we run our real estate services as a business. An honest, professional, successful real estate business. Money comes and goes but relationships last a lifetime.
Please contact me with questions or if you’d like for me to elaborate.

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