Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To the most amazing person I've met

I know being with me is a tall order… I write this to the man who can handle it

When I was younger, I imagined what my husband would be like
Or what I wanted him to be, rather
Then, shortly realized that I’d probably never marry
My ideal man was unrealistic for someone as difficult and complex as myself
I decided that the things I wanted to do in life didn’t have a place for someone who would bring me down
Little did I know that the only way to accomplish the things I wanted to do was to have the man I now call my husband
God sent him to me in spite of myself and my ideas about my life
I have joined forces with someone who completes me
My weaknesses are his strengths
I can confide in him without being judged
I always have his support in everything I go through
He understands me when I don’t understand myself
He challenges me to be the best version of myself
I’m very grateful to walk this earth with the most amazing person I’ve ever known
I can’t wait to see where our path will lead us as we grow and love together
I love you baby

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