Friday, June 5, 2009

Not all yard sales are created equal

Courtesy of Debbie Duplantis with Home Mortgage
Summer is one of the most popular seasons for holding a yard sale. But simply holding a yard sale doesn't necessarily mean you'll end the day with lots of extra money in your pocket. If you're planning on clearing out your clutter this summer, here are ten tips to help make your yard sale a success:

1-Start your yard sale earlier than other yard sales in your area so shoppers will start their shopping day with you.

2-Don't schedule your yard sale on a holiday weekend or during a big event in your area (like a sporting event or festival).

3-If it rains, take down your signs and reschedule your sale so you can maximize traffic on the day of your sale.

4-Before your own yard sale, visit other sales in your neighborhood to get an idea of typical prices.

5-Place all of your items (except for large items) on tables so shoppers don't have to bend.

6-If you plan to sell electrical items, have an outlet and extension cord handy so you can show shoppers that the items work.

7-If you want to sell larger ticket items, look for those items in a local circular and then attach the ad to your item so shoppers can see that they are getting a great deal.

8-If you have a variety of items that men would like, place them on their own table. If married couples stop by your sale, both parties will enjoy looking.

9-Advertise your sale ahead of time in your local newspaper classified section, on community boards at your local food stores, and online at places like

10-Wait until the morning of your garage sale to hang signs in your neighborhood, and make sure you take them down that day to avoid any fines from your homeowner's association or your town. You don't want to have to use all the cash you earn to pay a fine!

And remember, a successful sale is also a safe sale. Keep money in a pouch around your waist instead of in a cash box (which could get stolen while you are helping shoppers), don't accept checks (which could bounce), and never allow strangers inside your home to use the bathroom or telephone.

Follow these tips, and you'll be well on your way to having less clutter in your home, and more cash in your pocket!

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