Sunday, May 16, 2010

Seafood Harvest & Oil/Gas Industry

25% of the continental U.S. seafood harvest comes from Louisiana.

27,000 jobs are generated by Louisiana's fishing industry.

207 million pounds of oysters were caught in Louisiana waters in 2008.

90.4 million pounds of shrimp and 52 million pounds of crab were caught in Louisiana in 2008.

70% of oysters harvested in the U.S. are from the Gulf coast.

72% of seafood caught in the Gulf comes from Louisiana.

80% of the oysters in the Gulf are harvested west of the Mississippi River.

45,000 people in Louisiana are employed in oil and gas exploration/production, and four additional jobs are created in Louisiana for every job in exploration/production.

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  1. I forgot to credit Henry C Bienvenu who writes for the Teche News. He published this.